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Spring is Coming! Are You Ready?

cherry-blossoms  Poppies

Spring is a great time to be creative.  Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, so paint al fresco, in the open air, is an essential way to connect with nature.

Great places to grab a canvas and paint at are:

• Your local park

• Your patio/backyard

• Outside patio of a local restaurant or bar
(With their permission, of course :) )


What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Yahoo Inc. - Spirit Animals
Yahoo Inc. – Spirit Animals
Spirit Pooch
Spirit Pooch
Spirit Animals
Spirit Animals

Are you and your work team looking for a fun, new way of getting to know each other? We had a recent group from Yahoo Inc. that wanted to spice up their painting experience by painting their own Spirit Animals. They picked the animals, we sketched them on the canvasses and they painted them together, while having drinks and food of course. What a fun night!