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Summertime Art

As summer comes to a close for many, it is a great time to do something creative! This project is kid friendly and messy which only adds to the fun!

Supplies List:
– Assorted Acrylic paint colors
– rubber gloves
– chop sticks for stirring
– Floetrol to make paint more fluid
– canvases
– thumb tacks
– table cloth to keep your work station clean

Step 1: Collect your supplies
Canvas with tacks
Step 2: place tacks on the backside corners of your canvas to use as a pedestal
measuring cup
Step 3: Mom tip! Use a left over medicine measuring cup as the container you use for combining your colors
paint supplies
Step 4: Use left over chop sticks as mixing tools and small water cups for your paint.
Begin Artwork
Step 5: Place the measuring cup full of different colored paint colors upside down on the canvas and hold there. Pour the black paint all around the canvas, around the measuring cup.
Step 6: Lift up the measuring cup and move the canvas slowly from side to side and let the color seep around and spread through the black color as much as you want.
Finished Painting
Let your painting dry for at least 24 hours before moving it, laying it flat on a counter with thumb tack side down.